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Someone struggling with addiction who considers themselves religious has other unique obstacles to recovery. People of faith might wrestle with what it means for their spirituality to abuse drugs and alcohol while being unable to stop using.

Faith-based recovery centers and programs address a recovering addict’s medical and spiritual needs.

Millions of people struggle with drug and alcohol addiction every year. Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their spirituality. Becoming addicted is not a moral or ethical failing — what you can control is the steps you take to overcome addiction.

Faith-based drug rehabs can help religious people connect with their higher power to overcome drug abuse. These specialized drug rehabs allow recovering addicts’ religious beliefs to continue to grow during treatment.

Similar to recovery support groups like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, faith-based drug rehabs bring recovering addicts together in a tight-knit community. The emotional support enjoyed during group meetings and in private conversations help recovering addicts stay sober. Spiritual reflection and discussion with like-minded peers can empower recovering addicts against feelings of shame that often lead to relapse.

Faith-based drug rehabs allow addicts to include worship as part of their recovery plan. Spaces for prayer are available on-site to host religious services. Scripture readings, discussions and meditations are commonplace in faith-based drug rehabs.

Why Choose a Faith-Based Rehab?

A study conducted by Baylor University found that religious practice can help reduce harmful behaviors like drug and alcohol abuse. Supervised drug detox and mental health counseling can make faith-based recovery effective in battling addiction. The physical, emotional and spiritual care these programs lend are important factors in achieving long-term recovery.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recognizes the importance of supporting these addiction treatment options. More than 800 faith-based community programs receive SAMHSA grants to help people of faith beat addiction.

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