An outpatient addiction treatment center in Statesboro, GA, providing structured help for alcoholism and drug addiction while allowing the affected person to live at home. 

Patients with individualized outpatient services under the care of our certified addiction counselors whom, each have over 25 years of experience and expertise in the addiction recovery field.

Our patients the problem-solving tools and necessary coping skills to maintain abstinence. Our programs are client-centered, giving patients the education and aftercare support to ensure our main goal of offering hope and recovery to our patients and their families. 



We believe that recovery is possible for everyone. Through establishing a solid foundation in outpatient treatment, our clients will be able to face the challenges of addiction and establish healthy, long-term recovery.



Raymond and Connie worked at Willingway Hospital for 17 years. While working together they became friends, sharing the same passion for helping alcoholics and addicts and sharing the same belief in transformative healing of 12-step recovery. it was this passion and belief that inspired them to open Transformations of Statesboro.

We believe by creating an environment that fosters a spiritual connection with a Higher Power, we are then able to live a life centered around lasting friendships with others. Our goal is to provide an environment of love, trust, and forgiveness for our clients and the community of Statesboro.

Our groups and individual counseling are designed to support out core beliefs and equip our clients and their families with self-confidence and healthy self-esteem allowing them to engage in healthy relationships with their families, friends, and community.


To provide a safe, caring environment for people suffering from the disease of addiction. Our core belief is that by treating people with dignity, respect and love we can help them experience a life of happiness and freedom from addiction.