We provide outpatient services with group and individual counseling available. GACA-approved counselor education workshops are offered on a monthly basis. Clinical supervision is also available. In addition, we also offer Drug free Workplace training and consultations and assessments with appropriate referrals when necessary. Community workshops continue to be offered, which focus on family education, the opiate crisis, and other issues related to addiction and substance abuse issues.

Acknowledging and fighting addiction is a hard journey for anyone, but we believe with the right help RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE.





Urine Drug Screenings (UDS) are used to identify substance use, abuse, and dependence. 

Assessments are used to gather information regarding the patient's health history, past and present drug and/or alcohol use, the manner and behaviors by which it affected their life, and any history of treatment for these concerns. 


Screenings and assessments are used to determine the extent of a person’s misuse and abuse of drugs or alcohol – ensuring the client's placement in the correct recovery setting – allowing the person to achieve the greatest success.



This group is specifically designed for those looking to strengthen their recovery. We will explore issues that could lead to a relapse (trauma, family discord, relationship issues, etc,) and help those struggling with their recovery.

This is a 6-week, closed group – patients will have the opportunity to commit to an additional six weeks.



Designed for Christians struggling with addiction, our faith-based recovery track address the patients medical and spiritual needs. 


Patients will address the process of addiction, the impact it has on the family, relapse prevention, and the importance of a sober support network. This six-week program utilizes the Life Recovery Bible while incorporating the 12-steps.

Find out more about faith-based recovery by calling today for a free consultation. 



As addiction specialists, our staff provides sober-living placement for patients they feel would benefit from a strong sober support network.

Sober recovery housing provides a safe environment for those in recovery starting a new life – free from alcohol or other drugs. Residents at a sober house commit to staying sober, work a minimum number of hours per week, and help create a safe and supportive living environment.



Patients receive education on the disease of addiction, relapse prevention, 12-step recovery, and the impact of addiction on families. Patients will identify and practice healthy coping skills to deal with feelings an stressors that could lead to a relapse.

Patients will engage in healthy recreation and leisure activities, as well as participate in 12-step recovery meetings. 

This is a four to eight-week commitment. Based on clinical assessment, this will include group sessions two times per week, individual sessions once a week, once patient/family group and one individual session. Patients will also receive weekly drug screens.



Abstinence is only the beginning for an alcoholic or drug addict. Having a supportive network of friends in recovery is essential for life-long sobriety. We provide our patients with the knowledge and resources to make that possible. 

Along with additional our group counseling service, we  provide off-site treatment recommendations, our staff offers additional support through community involvement, collegiate recovery groups, volunteer information, recovery contact list, 12-step meeting lists





The effects of addiction are not just limited to the addict – addiction is a family disease. In order for the addict to change, the people around them have to change certain behaviors as well.


Successful treatment very much depends upon the family as a whole and our credited staff are here to help. We offer a therapeutic setting to provide a safe space for everyone to learn how to adjust to a loved one's recovery from addiction and mental illness.



Transformations of Statesboro offers men and women group counseling, designed for those in early or long-term recovery who need additional support and accountability. 

Some of the topics to be discussed include family and relationships, stress, anxiety, healthy leisure and social activities, and  physical health in sobriety.



In the beginning stages of recovery, it’s often difficult for people to open up and share their experiences with people they don’t know in a group setting. Getting started in one-on-one sessions with a therapist helps break the ice and most people come to realize in a short time that they are in a caring place where judgement and criticism don’t exist.

The personalized setting between a client and counselor uncovers key issues that can be solved throughout the recovery process.



We are proud to offer specialized education aimed toward helping adolescents who may be impacted by substance abuse and addiction. 


Counselors can complete GACA clinical supervision under the guidance of Raymond Scott, CACII, CCS. Call today to schedule a session!


If you're struggling with anger management call today and ask about our anger management groups.



We proudly offer community training in any several areas, including anger management, the opiate crisis, stress and anxiety, and the impact of addiction on the family. 

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