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#stayingsober during the holidays

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

| Read on for tips on how to stay active and connected this Holiday Season

The Holidays don't have to be a time of doom and gloom! Take charge of your recovery with a few easy tips to ensure a fun, relaxing, and healthy Holiday Season!

holiday sobriety tips

1. Practice good self-care - Huh? Self-care? What is that?

Slow down! Take time each day to practice self-care. This could mean treating yourself to your favorite coffee, taking a relaxing walk, spending some snuggle time with your pets or hitting a meeting you enjoy. Practicing self-care is so important during the Holidays and with all of the social engagements and hustle and bustle leading up to Christmas and the New Year it is essential to not feel guilt and take some extra time for you!

2. Don’t overindulge – go easy on the sweets!

Eat healthy and watch caffeine and sugar intake. Extra sweets and treats during the Holidays can make you sluggish. Take it easy on these through the Holiday season, don't overindulge. Explore your sleep patterns, are you getting enough rest? Don't feel pressured to purchase gifts beyond your means, re-examine what the Holidays really mean to you and why they matter.

3. Enhance your support system - especially when struggling, now's the time.

Reach out to your support network, make plans, stay connected. Hit a different meeting, talk to some new people even when you don't necessarily feel like it, make a plan for dinner with friends, get out for coffee with someone new, take on a new sponsee! Getting connected can help keep the blues at bay. Explore how you can enhance your network in your personal life and in recovery...

4. Find new ways to celebrate – now is the time to try something different!

A play, concert or simple dinner party with friends may fulfill your need for fun. Find a local 5k to train for, organize a game or movie night with friends to celebrate the Holidays. Get creative!

5. Focus on your recovery program – take some action to change things up.

You could increase or change up meetings, read some new recovery literature or make a new service commitment to jump start your recovery.

6. Release your resentments – don’t let the number one offender hinder your Holidays!

Talk through resentments with trusted people in your support network. Meet with your sponsor, if you don't have one get one and start working the steps.

Recovery is hard work, but take time this Holiday season to nurture YOU! Disconnect from the hustle and bustle and laugh, spend some time with valued friends, and have some fun!

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